Monday, April 4, 2011

Beef Enchilada Casserole

Recipe from Life's on Fire: Cooking for the Rushed.

This is the first time making this recipe.... and it was pretty darn tasty. Not too spicy for the toddler, and enjoyed by everyone. My husband thought it was extra delicious with just a touch of peppercorn ranch dressing, that he put on his salad, on it.


675g ground beef
1 small onion
1 can chopped green chilies
1 can cheddar cheese soup
1 cup chunky salsa
1 can black beans (drained)
1/2 cup of grated low fat cheddar cheese
1/2 cup of grated part-skim mozzarella cheese
12 Catelli Express Oven Ready lasagna noodles
2/3 cup water
1/2 cup grated low fat cheddar
1/2 cup grated part-skim mozzarella

Preheat oven to 350 F

Brown meat.

Chop onion finely while meat is browning and add gradually as you cut.

Add chilies, soup, salsa, beans and cheeses to cooked meat. Stir until well mixed.

Layer 9x13 pan with 1/3 dry noodles and 1/3 sauce. Do this 2 more times. Drizzle water all over the top and top with remaining grated cheese.

Cover tightly with foil and bake for 50 minutes.

* I think the addition of black beans to the sauce would be delicious, so that is on my next go at this recipe!   Enchilada Casserole... with no beans.. just seems wrong!  

* edited to add... I will DEFINITELY add black beans every time!   I made this again while on holidays to serve the family, and black beans totally made this dish!!... adding it to the ingredients.

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