Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Corn on the Cob Trick

I've always microwaved my corn on the cob. Leave a single layer of husk on (after pulling as many silk out as possible).

But this tip I picked up from Pinterest is SOOO MUCH EASIER!!!

All you have to do, it pop the corn (husks, silk, everything) straight in the microwave (4 minutes/ear... so we do 3 ears = 12 minutes).

When it's done.. take your oven glove, grab one.. slice off the bottom/stem to where you can see the corn starting. With your gloved hand, grab the top of the corn, and squeeze... the corn cob slides out easily with no husks and no silks, ready to eat!! No fighting with the stringy silks, perfect corn every time.

We've tried it twice this year, and it works like a charm. I cannot wait for Taber corn to be ready... deliciousness!

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