Friday, July 20, 2012

Cherry Berry Ice Cream

It's been hot here, so I haven't been using the oven much, but have been making tasty COLD treats more often.

This is kinda a creation we made, since we had strawberries and cherries that needed to be used ASAP and I didn't want to bake or make jam.

You'll need a good blender for this recipe.. one that will completely blend up ice.


Cherry Berry Ice Cream

3 cups cherries and strawberries - frozen
1 cup cherry yogurt (I used Silhouette 0% M.F.)
1 cup heavy cream
2-3 cups ice
1 cup chopped cherries (for mixing after)

Cut and pit the cherries and strawberries the evening before, and leave them in a bowl in the freezer overnight.

Place frozen berries/cherries in the blender (Vitamix). Add yogurt and heavy cream, and blend til smooth. Start adding ice (and tamping), until mixture gets very thick and is not moving much (2.5 cups of ice for me).

Scrape into a container for storing in the freezer, fold in the 1 cup chopped cherries. You can serve now (as it'll be soft serve consistency), or if you let it set for a couple hours in the freezer, it will harden up a bit more.

*if you have a strong sweet tooth, add about 1/2 cup of sugar in the first mixing in the blender. It's naturally sweet from the fruit, and then the sugar substitutes in the yogurt, but it's not a strong sweet like ice cream normally is. I liked it at this sweetness.



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