Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I've come a long way in the last couple years. I used to not be able to touch raw meat....blech.. disgusting. I used to cook all meat from frozen.

But now, I can do it without too much yuckiness (exception is cuts of meat that are fatty, or tendons... I still don't usually cook meat with bones (or skin)). Progress!

Another fact... I rarely buy meat at full price. I prefer to do my grocery shopping first thing in the morning, right after all the mark downs go out! I pretty much always find the meats I need marked down, and I stock up if I see them when I'm not doing my regular grocery shop. 30% off stickers are my best friend (and 50% off stickers in the bakery section).

The other day I scored six 500g packages of extra lean ground sirloin marked down. I didn't even clear them out.... i just stuck with the 6 and left. What does that scream to you? BURGERS! I love to make a big batch of burgers for the freezer and pull them out as we use them.


This is the first summer I've ever made burgers.... ever! But they're delicious, easy, and a great freezer stocker for bbq nights. Gone are the days of pre-packaged frozen burgers that I always used to buy.

Here is my step by step.... I don't know any real recipes.. I read that you can make burgers with just beef, nothing else mixed in.. but we like a few extras.

First step... cut pieces of wax paper (or parchment paper) larger than you plan to make your burgers (these will help you separate the burgers when you take them out of the freezer later)


Next step... put toddler in high chair with some food that is fun to play with and will entertain them (spaghetti today). You just know you'll have to deal with them when your hands are covered in raw meat.... better to put them in a contained place with something to do.


Here's my recipe:

Beef Burgers

1500g lean ground beef
1 cup bread crumb
2 eggs
1/2 cup bbq sauce
seasonings of choice (I used Mrs Dash today.. but have used taco seasoning, italian seasoning, even curry).

Put it all in the bowl and mix together (spoon works.. but you'll get a more even mixing if you use your hands (you're going to have to get them in there to form burgers anyway.. so you might as well).


Once it's all mixed evenly, form patties to whatever size you like and place on a square of paper on a plate. Place another square on top and stack another burger... keep going (start a new stack when it starts getting high). Your kids might want to help... I let her put the papers inbetween layers for me... and she also took my photos for me!

*my husband just reminded me (yet again) that you're supposed to put a thumb indent in the middle of each burger for more even cooking. I forgot.. again. Maybe you can remember ;)*



I like to make slider size ones too (since the kids like these size burgers):


Wash up, transfer the burgers to freezer bags (or containers). When it's time.. just take out however many you need, and grill them up!

This recipe made 14 large burgers, and 12 sliders for me. I made 2 batches of this size, so I am stocked with burgers for a while now!

This recipe is very flexible.. throw in what ever you want! Onions, sauces, herbs, whatever you feel like adding! :)

This is just one of the recipes I do when I stock up on discounted ground beef. I actually use this same recipe for turkey burgers as well. When you buy discounted meat, you have to deal with it (prep to freeze, or cook with it) within a day or two, so always good to keep a few things on hand for mixing with them. I might have to post some of the other recipes I do when I get meats on sale. :)

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