Friday, July 22, 2011

Corn Chowder

Here is another recipe from Don't Panic, Dinner's in the Freezer. I love these books. Nothing has disappointed in these books yet.

Corn Chowder

Hearty Corn Chowder

1/4 cup butter, melted
6 Tbsp onions, chopped
3/4 cup celery, diced
2 1/2 cups hot water
2 cups potatoes, peeled and cubed
3 cups frozen kernel corn
2 Tbsp sugar
2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
3 Tbsp flour
1 quart half and half

Saute the onions and celery in butter until tender. Add water, potatoes, corn, sugar, salt and pepper. Cover and simer until potatoes are tender, about 30 minutes. IN small bowl, whisk flour into 2 cup of half and half. Stir into soup, then add the remaining half and half. Heat until desired thickness, stirring frequently.

You can freeze this is freezer bags, for future, or enjoy now! Top with grated cheddar cheese and bacon bits.

I think we all really enjoyed this soup, perfect for a cool day, topped with cheese, and green onion (we didn't have bacon in the house, rarely do, in fact). But this was delicious, but I think I'd make a couple substitutions next time.... maybe only use 1/2 quart of half and half, and use skim milk for the remainder to cut the fat. Also might add some carrots to it. I love carrots in soup. :)

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  1. Hey Tamara! Looks yummy! Just letting you know that I'm sharing this on the Alberta Team Blog this Friday. Hope you don't mind! - Lindy