Sunday, October 16, 2011

Menu Plan - October 17-23

Last week I had a meal plan, and never posted. We didn't try anything new, or too terribly exciting. I did make a dozen egg mcmuffin sandwiches* for the freezer this evening, while my husband made eggs benedict for dinner. It was very good, but I think we're going to do just a few tweeks before we share that recipe.

This week we are having:

Monday: Chicken Shepherd's Pie
Tuesday: Tacos
Wednesday: Matzo Ball Soup*
Thursday: Crockpot Chicken Taco Chili*
Friday: Stirfry and rice
Saturday: Creamy Potato Soup*( (will make 3 batches, 2 to freeze)
Sunday: Muffins and fruit salad

I am also on snack for the preschool on Thursday. I'm thinking we might do muffins and celery stick with cheez whiz. Kinda at a loss at what to bring.

On the side this week... I plan to do some baking too. I have a zucchini just waiting to be used, as well as some pumpkin puree. I also have a big heap of apples to work with.

Goodies to make:
Chocolate Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins*
Pumpkin Apple Muffins*
Pumpkin Gingersnaps*
Caramel Rice Krispie Squares*
Apple Butter*

Also hoping to make a batch of buns.... or at least one loaf of bread in the bread machine.

I can only hope to stick to all these plans for the week... but here's hoping.

*will share recipes

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