Friday, June 17, 2011

You may have noticed

This month we're having a hard time sticking to the meal plan. With 2.5 weeks left to go in the pregnancy, I haven't been in a cooking mood much, plus we've been so busy trying to tie up loose ends, finish our yard, etc, we just don't have much energy. I keep updating my meal plan with the changes we've made. Anything we've crossed out that I said I would share the recipe, I still plan to do, but might have to hold out til after the baby arrives.

It's been tempting to go back to our regular, quick recipes that we used to eat a lot. Eating out has been more tempting too. We used our daughter's birthday as an excuse to eat out this week, plus we ate out for lunch on Sunday. I'm just so tired and behind on things around the house, I haven't been motivated. I am hoping to try to stick to the meal plan the rest of the month... but you'll have to excuse me if the entire meal plan ends up striked out! Let's hope not though.

I also need to start doing more gluten free, my daughter's eczema has been flaring up, and cutting gluten and dairy really improves that. Normally we have a reduced gluten diet, more rice than pasta, not much bread, but since blogging, I've noticed I've increased those a little bit, and well, her skin is showing it (playing in her water table, and wearing sunscreen hasn't helped either).

So I may be swapping out some portions of recipes for gluten free alternatives, but for the most part it should stay the same. I do want to try more gluten free baking though.

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